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Daily Recap 01/17/2014

Nintendo’s Projections Report On Another Year Of Financial Loss

"Oops" - Nintendo (reports claim)

Today Nintendo confirmed something that many (myself included) have expected. It’s been another tough fiscal year for the Japanese company. Hardware sales weren’t up to snuff this past holiday, and Nintendo has reacted, changing their profitable forecast for the year to a net loss of $35 billion yen ($335 million US dollars).

This is troubling news for the colossal gaming company. Now might be time for them to change directions away from their current hardware dependent strategy. Only a week ago, Nintendo reported record game sales on their platforms.

It’s never fun to report on news like this. However, since Wii U’s release, Nintendo’s been chided by the industry’s media for its continued poor marketing of the product. With two competing consoles releasing this fall, it might have been foolish to anticipate sales as high as were forecasted.

(Source: Game Informer)