King Hippo Leaps Into The 3rd Dimension With This 3D Chalk Art

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! has grown somewhat in popularity in recent years, purely on account of the legendary final boss. King Hippo is thankfully less terrifying to fight, but almost as recognizable. Artist Chris Carlson has brought the iconic boss to a new life in his most recent 3D chalk art.
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Daily Recap 01/18/2014

Disney brought us more bad news today when it failed to renew to the Star Wars 1313 trademark. The title had been in the works before Lucas Arts was taken over by Disney and shortly thereafter shutdown.

In many ways, 1313 looked promising. The 3rd-person action adventure game seemed like a new (and necessary) direction for Lucas Arts’ games. When it officially debuted at E3 2012, gamers didn’t have to be diehard Star Wars fans to appreciate the stunning graphics and gameplay. 1313 would be a gritty, bounty-hunter-focused take on the universe.

Since its Disney closed down Lucas Arts in April of last year, the fate of Star Wars 1313 wasn’t clear. Disney still had control of what was left of 1313 when Lucas Arts closed. Many hoped that the title would somehow make the light of day.

The recent news, however, is an undramatic end to the title’s development. By not renewing the license for Star Wars 1313, Disney has effectively announced its termination. Star Wars is a rich universe and it’s often misused. 1313 looked like it would be different.

[Source: Game Informer]


Daily Recap 01/17/2014

Nintendo’s Projections Report On Another Year Of Financial Loss

"Oops" - Nintendo (reports claim)

Today Nintendo confirmed something that many (myself included) have expected. It’s been another tough fiscal year for the Japanese company. Hardware sales weren’t up to snuff this past holiday, and Nintendo has reacted, changing their profitable forecast for the year to a net loss of $35 billion yen ($335 million US dollars).

This is troubling news for the colossal gaming company. Now might be time for them to change directions away from their current hardware dependent strategy. Only a week ago, Nintendo reported record game sales on their platforms.

It’s never fun to report on news like this. However, since Wii U’s release, Nintendo’s been chided by the industry’s media for its continued poor marketing of the product. With two competing consoles releasing this fall, it might have been foolish to anticipate sales as high as were forecasted.

(Source: Game Informer)

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