Bungie Drops Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

The official launch trailer for Destiny 2 is here, complete with bad guy backstory and bad-ass action scenes. It’s magnificent.

The trailer arrives just two weeks before showtime. Destiny 2, the sequel to the persistent shooter – a genre the first game pioneered on consoles, has been building hype for awhile. Considering the tumultuous launch of the first game 3 years ago, this is already a victory for Bungie.

In the trailer, we get a closer look at Ghaul, the antagonist space turtle. We also finally get an idea of what happened to the Speaker. There’s a lot of cool cinematic action sprinkled throughout. If Destiny 2 is anything like the original Destiny, it’s likely the cinematic clips are for marketing only and won’t appear in lengthier sequences during the game.

Destiny 2 looks like it is a response to both its community and the gaming community as a whole. Destiny was criticized for its story and its repetitive open world. The way they tell the story has been completely revamped. Additionally, as Polygon recently noted, Destiny 2 has a dizzying array of stuff to do in the open world.

Bungie is trying to change a lot of the core Destiny experience. Destiny thrived despite its initial release, but they are no doubt looking to build a larger community.

I’m hopeful. I don’t think they will alienate the players who have played from the beginning. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to experience the whole package. For now, we can join in on the hype.

Check it out for yourself in the video below. Be sure to comment and let me know what you think about Destiny 2 when it launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One – with a PC launch date of October 24.

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