Lunar Base Overwatch Cover

Overwatch’s Next Map Is Out Of This World

Because its not on Earth… The upcoming map will take players to the moon – specifically the Horizon Lunar Colony.

The hugely successful Overwatch is an online competitive shooter that knows how to keep its players entertained. A year after its release, Overwatch continues to have a devoted player base. This devotion is largely due to developer Blizzards continued updates to the game and its community.

Blizzard has made it very apparent that they are invested in this game. With seasonal events, new character skins, or new maps – all of which are free – Blizzard keeps Overwatch relevant. It makes it easy for players to devote their time to a game if they know the developer intends to support their product.

The Horizon Lunar Colony map is not out yet, but is “coming soon.” What we know is that it is a place which has already been hinted at in Overwatch’s out-of-game story: first with Winston’s feature trailer and then again yesterday with the “News Report” from Overwatch’s universe.

Get ready to bound across the futuristic lunar base/gorilla sanctuary. Check out the trailer for the map below.

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