diablo 3 season 10

Diablo 3 Season 10 Coming To Console

Seasons offer Diablo 3 players unique content, items, and ladders. The ninth Season ended March 17 on PC. Season 10, the first Season for consoles, arrives March 31.

Diablo 3 will be five years old this year. The hack and slash action role-playing game is based around the core mechanic of slaying demons, getting loot, and then slaying tougher demons.

After 5 years (3 years for console), slaying demons and getting tougher might not be enough. The Season system mixes things up. Seasons work by making players start from scratch. That means no items, gems, or paragon points. The most obvious benefit is that returning players can play with Diablo 3 veterans on an even playing field.

Seasons also introduce a leaderboard system to weigh your worth against other players, new cosmetic rewards, and new conquests.

Diablo 3 offers fun albeit formulaic gameplay. Season 10 is fast approaching. Blizzard has been very successful with Seasons on PC and its about time for console players to enter the ring.

You can read Blizzard’s official post on Season 10 here.

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