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Creative Assemble Teases The Next Total War Warhammer

The next Total War game will be announced tomorrow on March 31st. While we don’t know what the next Total War game will be, we can still make unfounded predictions and call it news.

Total War Warhammer is a great strategy game set in the Warhammer fantasy universe. I wrote a lot of pre-release coverage for this website back when it released in May 24, 2016.

Games Workshop created Warhammer back in 1983. The tabletop game let players battle each other with armies of painted miniatures. Its rich setting has supported spinoff tabletop games, novels, comics, and video games.

Total War Warhammer was set in the Old World. It is a land reminiscent of medieval Europe. Many of the popular races in the tabletop series were missing from Total War Warhammer because of the location. The reveal for Total War Warhammer may be taking players to the New World.

The New World, which not surprisingly looks a lot like the Americas, is host to two dominating races, the Lizardmen and the Dark Elves. It’s purely speculative where developer Creative Assembly is taking the Total War franchise, but the announcement’s countdown timer supports the theory.

Behind the countdown timer is an endless forest. You can hear sounds of a lush jungle. In the distance is either a very large tree or an Aztec pyramid (Lizardmen are modeled after Aztec designs). Considering that the races of Warhammer’s New World were missing from the flagship game, Total War’s next game could be another Warhammer game – especially since they’ve said from the beginning that they were making a Warhammer trilogy.

Of course, Total War’s next title could be a return to the historical titles of old. Most of the franchise’s most critically and financially successful games were based on historical armies and settings.


As it was predicted, so it was (i.e., called it). Check out the YouTube video below to see the official trailer for Total War Warhammer II. Let us know what you think in the comments. You can check out their YouTube channel here.

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