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For Honor Gets A Launch Trailer

Developer Ubisoft Montreal has been teasing their new IP for months now. For Honor, their third-person online medieval action game, comes out on February 14th. Playing For Honor is the only action you’re getting on Valentine’s day.

Check Out The Video Below For First Impressions Of For Honor

Developer Ubisoft has shown off For Honor for a few months. Over the last few weeks, new trailers and two beta weekends have given players lots of media to drool over. Now, less than a week before its release, we have For Honor’s launch trailer.

For Honor’s most endearing trait is that it’s so different from any other AAA title out there. It’s a risk for Ubisoft. Unlike most of the ruling online competitive games out there (FPS or MOBA), players control slow-moving medieval heroes in these intimate, brutal fights.

Fights can be long and strategic. You can whittle down your opponent’s health, out maneuver them, or out think them.

The premise is cool and completely unique. For Honor could succeed in introducing a new kind of competitive online game to already saturated competitive industry. Or it could miss its mark.

Check out the video below for For Honor’s launch trailer. For Honor ships on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 14th.

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