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Zenimax Announces Their Biggest Expansion Yet

Zenimax Online Studios revealed their newest expansion to the online role-playing game. Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will take players back to the setting of The Elder Scrolls III – a well loved and iconic entry in the single-player series.

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is set on the island Vvardenfell over 700 years prior to the single-player entry. While certain things will be missing from the island (Imperials would have not set up garrisons at this time), the expansion will share “the same geographic footprint as The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.”

In their press release, Zenimax has said that the map will include “all key points of interest from the classic game.” How well everything translates to the online role-playing game has yet to be shown. However, it could be an excellent move on Zenimax’s part. Vvardenfell was a monumental achievement at the time of Morrowind’s 2002 release. The detail and breadth of the world has drawn players back to the game 15 years later. Giving these fans a new (and monetized) way of looking back at this setting could prove to be very successful for the developer.

Beyond jumping straight into the new region, Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind offers a new Warden class, a new Trial (an end game activity), and a new Player-vs-Player activity. The existing PVP gameplay, which only offers large open world battles, was needing a closer, more intimate, mode. The new PVP activity will be the first 4v4v4 mode available to players.

Media Assets

The announcement arrived with a lot of media to drool over. Click on the artwork below to see some of the iconic recreations that players can expect in the upcoming expansion.

ESOMorrowind Announcement 1

ESOMorrowind Annoucement 3

ESOMorrowind Annoucement 2

ESOMorrowind Annoucement 4

Check out the video below for some CG goodness, including all the bears, broody elves, and vistas you could ever want in an Elder Scrolls trailer.

[Source: Polygon and Elder Scrolls Online]

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