First New Overwatch Character Revealed

Ana, the support sniper, is Blizzard’s first new addition to the Overwatch character roster.

Blizzard launched their first new IP in almost 20 years on May 24. The game was critically praised and a large community of fans quickly formed. The new character represents Blizzard’s first big post-release change to game.

Overwatch excels at supporting a variety of different playstyles and gameplay mechanics. Every character offers numerous ways to tackle an object – both individually and as a team.

Ana is a grizzled sniper and former member of Overwatch. She also happens to be the mother of an existing character, Pharah. See the video below for Ana’s origin story.

Ana’s sniper rifle combines long distance healing and damage. Players can “snipe” their allies from a distance, granting them health in a pinch. Snipe healing sounds a bit silly, but in the world of Overwatch anything is possible.

In addition to the sniper rifle, Ana has a pistol that puts enemy heroes to sleep. Her ultimate ability can be used on allies. The boost increases player damage, speed, and armor.

The hero is currently playable on the Public Test Region servers on PC. After some initial tests, the character will be rolled out across all platforms. No date has been announced yet.

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