Witcher 3 Minigame Becomes Standalone Title

Players can spend hours of their time in Witcher 3 playing the card game Gwent. Now the feature is getting a game of its own on PC and Xbox One.

Gwent is a fulling developed and balanced game within The Witcher 3. The card game acts as The Witcher 3’s collectible feature. In Pokemon-esque fashion, players can compete against other Gwent players and win new cards for their decks. With each card, players can craft better and better decks.

Given The Witcher 3’s popularity and how well Gwent was received by fans, it was only a matter of time before Gwent received its own spin-off title.

The standalone title has made some changes to the Gwent we know from The Witcher 3. They’ve worked to balance the game to prevent some strategies from being overpowered. In addition, Gwent will feature single-player campaigns.

Gwent arrives for PC and Xbox One before it makes its way to PS4 consoles. You can register for the beta today. The trailer featured below shows off some of Witcher’s cosplayers and gameplay.

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