What Is Next For Destiny

Destiny has a vibrant but diminishing community. Bungie’s next expansion will hopefully breathe new life into their 2-year old game.

Bungie developed Destiny with a goal of persistence in mind. Their game would continue for at least 10 years. While Destiny 2 is certainly in the works, fans of the series can expect another large DLC to drop this year.

Some details about their new expansion have already been leaked. Box art surfaced a few weeks ago (as seen above) showing a guardian wielding a flaming ax. The name of the expansion, according to the art, is Rise of Iron.

Destiny takes place in a science fantasy re-imagining of our solar system. Players can fly to the ruins of mankind’s progress. Battle aliens amidst the fallen skyscrapers in Mars’ desert. Zip past the jungle vegetation and erupting volcanoes on Venus.

The pitch of Destiny was easy. Maintaining a player base was difficult. There wasn’t enough content in the story or the setting to keep many players invested. Bungie has repeatedly said that they listen. Will Rise of Iron finally be their answer?

Bungie has teased their reveal. “Join us for a first look at Destiny’s next great adventure with Bungie Development Team. Get a glimpse at the next threat that Guardians will confront later on this year, and learn all about the inspirations that we’re packing into this new story.”

Rise of Iron will be officially revealed this Thursday, June 9th, at 10 AM Pacific. Bungie’s Twitch stream can be found here.

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