Bungie Announces Rise Of Iron

The newest update to Destiny arrives this year and will be the last major update to the sci-fi franchise until Destiny 2.

Destiny is a multiplayer first-person shooter that takes place in a science fantasy re-imagining of our solar system. Rise of Iron, which was leaked weeks ago, will focus on a region of Earth called the Plaguelands. The alien race, the Fallen, have discovered an ancient secret and a threat to the last safe city on Earth.

The scavenger race is an ancient technology from Humanity’s Golden Age. SIVA is a self-assembling, self-replicating nanotechnology. The Fallen are using the SIVA to change themselves into machine gods. It will be up to the player to contain the threat to the Plaguelands.

Rise of Iron introduces new content to Destiny. New story, new raids, and a new social space are just a few of the features the update offers.

A strong criticism of Destiny has been its lack of story and its careful use of its own franchise. Bungie has created a fascinating source material. Rise of Iron visits more of Earth and examines more of Destiny’s lore. Hopefully Bungie’s newest update will be compelling and a good reason to stay invested in Destiny’s third year.

Check out the reveal trailer for Rise of Iron below. See Lord Saladin unmasked and learn more about the Iron Lords.

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