Your Watch Begins Sooner Than You May Have Expected

Blizzard has release new details about the official launch of Overwatch. It may be sooner than you were expecting.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s first new intellectual property in almost 20 years. The first-person shooter focuses on objective based gameplay. Players must work as a team and combine their unique abilities to beat the competition.

Overwatch will launch midnight London time (BST) on May 24. The launch occurs the same moment everywhere, which means North American players can start playing late on May 23.

Blizzard explains the launch on their blog.

North America
4:00 p.m. PDT on May 23
5:00 p.m. MDT on May 23
6:00 p.m. CDT on May 23
7:00 p.m. EDT on May 23
8:00 p.m. ADT on May 23
8:00 p.m. BRT on May 23
8:30 p.m. NDT on May 23
7:00 a.m. SGT on May 24
9:00 a.m. AEST on May 24
11:00 a.m. NZST on May 24

00:00 BST on May 24
01:00 CEST on May 24
02:00 MSK on May 24

7:00 a.m. CST
8:00 a.m. KST
8:00 a.m. JST

Overwatch is a blast to play, but it is arriving in a market that is somewhat saturated with first-person shooters. It will be interesting to see how Overwatch holds up months after it releases and what kind of support it gets from Blizzard.

You can see Blizzard’s promotional trailer for Overwatch below. For more on the setting and story of Overwatch, check out their comics and animated shorts.

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