Dragons Clash In Overwatch’s Third Animated Short

Blizzard’s latest animated short gives us a closer look at one of Overwatch’s biggest rivalries. Heroes Genji and Hanzo have a lot to fight about and they look great doing it.

Overwatch, Blizzard’s newest intellectual property in almost 20 years, is a action first-person shooter. Matches are objective-based with less an emphasis on killing other players than other mainstream shooters. Players have to work together combining their different abilities to win.

The story of Overwatch isn’t told through gameplay. There is no story campaign. The heroes banter with each other revealing some of their personality and the game’s history. Everything else is revealed through other multimedia like comics and animated shorts.

While a story-focused campaign would certainly make many of Overwatch’s prospective fans very happy, Blizzard needs credit where its due. The newest animated short “Dragons” is their best short yet.

Genji, the robot ninja, and Hanzo, the moody archer, are brothers with a troubled past. In the animated short embedded below, Genji and Hanzo trade words as much as they trade blows. The resulting melee is dramatic and beautiful.

Overwatch launches May 24th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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