Creative Assembly Slays Dragons In Latest Trailer

Total War Warhammer has a multitude of monsters. In preparation for the worst, developer Creative Assembly shows players what to do if they find themselves face to face with one of Warhammer’s most challenging creatures.

The Chaos dragon is a beast that has been twisted by Change – the mutating and corrupting force that warps all life. Change affects all the denizens of the Chaos Warrior army differently. For the dragon, the mutation has given the ruler of the skies two heads and made it even more formidable.

Total War Warhammer is Creative Assembly’s first entry into the Warhammer universe. The developer took a lesson from their previous strategy games when creating their Warhammer game. Gameplay will consist of two modes: the turn-based campaign map, where players manage resources and grow their army, and the real-time strategy game, where players lead their armies into battle.

Total War Warhammer launches for PC on May 24th. People who pre-order Total War Warhammer or purchase it within the first week will get the Chaos Warrior army add-on free.

Check out the Slayer’s Guide in the video below. For more Slayer’s guides, head over to Total War’s official YouTube channel.

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