Details On Divisions Next Update Revealed

The second free expansion, titled Conflict, will be available to all players tomorrow May 24th. The update includes new content for the open world, the Dark Zone, and hosts Division’s newest raid.

Ubisoft announced the details regarding their second free expansion for The Division on their blog. The developer has outlined four new gear sets for high-level players, which gives players new abilities.

Final Measure is an ability that allows you to reuse enemy grenades. You won’t be picking up live grenades. Instead you can disarm enemy grenades and then send them flying again.

Hunter’s Faith is Ubisoft’s ability for avid snipers. The ability grants you armor whenever you land hits on an enemy. This perk is more effective at longer range where it grants even more armor.

Lone Star is good armor set if you are interested in launching suppressing fire. The ability will improve characters ammo capacity and light machine gun damage. Lone Star automatically reloads your guns by simply holstering them.

Predator’s Mark grants a nasty bleeding effect to enemies. All you have to do is land 10 consecutive shots on a target and the enemy will take 100% bleeding damage. The armor set also improves assault rifles and pistols.

The update Conflict makes a few other changes to the game. Search and destroy missions task you with hunting High-Value Targets – enemies who drop high-level rewards. The Dark Zone has a new feature. You can now hijack extractions – as if they weren’t difficult enough. You can cut the rope during an extraction and all of the loot will drop to the ground.

The Division’s last update was greeted by strong criticism. One reason was the general abuse of the game’s first raid, referred to as an incursion. Players were able to exploit a bug in the incursion and outclass other players quickly and easily in the player-versus-player Dark Zone.

The Division is a third-person cover-based shooter. The world is persistent and has a lot in common with popular Massively Multiplayer Online games. The retention rate for The Division was called into question with the last update. It will be interesting to see how many players return to the ruined Big Apple on May 24th.

[Source: Ubisoft Blog via Polygon]

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