Wield The Shadows In Aragami

Indie developer Lince Works has announced their upcoming game Aragami. Players will be able to manipulate shadows to their advantage in the new stealth action game.

Players take control of an undead assassin in a world reminiscent of ancient Japan. The character carves a bloody path through unsuspecting guards and bosses in order to unlock secrets of the character’s past.

Lince Works is a developer based out of Barcelona. Originally, Aragmi was marketed as Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows on their Kickstarter page. They were able to attract $31 thousand of their $50 thousand goal to their cause. Though Lince Works failed to reach their goal they were still determined to release their game.

The developers want a ninja game that is in the spirit of challenging stealth classics like Tengu. Players are “outmatched, outnumbered, and alone.” In the shadows the player is extremely lethal, but if spotted the player may face a quick death.

Aragami will arrive on PS4 and PC this fall. Watch the video below to see some of the dark magic and ninja action.

[Source: PlaystationBlog]

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