Widowmaker Takes The Stage In Blizzard’s Animated Short

Overwatch’s latest animated short is out and it has as much sniper rifle gameplay and spider mumbo jumbo as you would expect from the character Widowmaker. Blizzard’s second part of their animated series, titled Alive, released over the weekend.

The animated short series and the comic shorts, a static comic series, are Blizzard’s way of introducing players to the universe. Overwatch will not be a story-heavy game. If players want to know more about the universe they will be playing in, they will have to accept the multimedia released outside of the game.

In addition to the gun fire and slow-mo acrobatics, the short takes a look at a political figure in the Overwatch universe. A robot speaker in front of a crowd is Widowmaker’s target. The robot is asking for peace between humans and machines. While clearly only a backdrop for the short, it adds plenty of intrigue into the world.

Widowmaker’s violent short contrasts well against the first character piece on Winston. The most recent episode is embedded below.

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