The Division’s First Update Revealed

Ubisoft has detailed what players can expect from The Division’s first update. Incursions, one of the only free updates, will be air dropping on April 12th across all platforms.

The Incursions update will have new content for players craving more out of Division’s endgame. New challenging squad activities reward players with new gear and rare gear sets, extending their stats beyond the level cap.

Players interested more in PVP can expect the new mechanic of supply drops in the dark zone. Players can fight over the drops, which will be the only loot you can acquire which isn’t contaminated and doesn’t need extracting.

The new update arrives the same day as Destiny’s April update. It will be the first content heavy update Ubisoft rolls out and it will be interesting to see how it compares to Destiny’s. The new game mechanics to PVP is promising and the new squad based activities, which sound a lot like raids, will give players another reason to keep playing The Division.

The April update has even more features to offer, including aerial drones and loot trading. Find the full list and details at the Ubiblog.

[Source: Game Informer]

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