Batman Is Back

Arkham’s Batman is coming back in a big way. On October 14, new villains, a new costume, and the slick batmobile arrive. What else? Batman: Arkham Knight will be the final chapter from Rocksteady.

Game Informer announced Batman: Arkham Knight for the cover of its April magazine. Arkham Knight will bring players back to the events immediately after Arkham City, following up on some of the breadcrumbs left by the previous title.

More information will filter in over the month, but the batmobile is confirmed for the open world action game.

Two-Face forgets how ineffective automatic rifles are against armored vehicles.

Rocksteady is the creator of the series and both of its Arkham releases have received critical and commercial success (compared to Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s Arkham Origins). The stunning debut trailer below doesn’t offer much in the way of gameplay. We can forgive that, because it’s awesome.

[Source: Game Informer]

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