Race Your Way – Krautscape

Krautscape is not your typical racing game. The goals are similar. Win the game by beating the opponent and conquering the racetrack. The difference, however, is that your opponent can fly and the race track is generated as you play.

Picture Mario Cart’s rainbow road. Now imagine the road forming in front of you. Your opponent swerves to the right, off into the empty space. You watch the car fall, its wings extend, and it soar ahead. It lands on the track just as it forms in front of you.

If you’re confused, that’s good. You would hate a game to be predictable. Krautscape works a number of new mechanics into the game. If the player in the lead hangs to the left, the track is generated with a curve to the left, and vice versa. Flying can cut corners and offer more maneuverability, but it takes its toll in speed.

Krautscape is crazy and ambitious enough that could be a big hit. Check out some of the action below and click here to see the official site.

[Source: Game Informer]

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