CDPR Shows Off Three New Screens Of A Grim Fantasy World

In celebration of the new CD Projekt Red forums, the developer has released three new stunning screenshots from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CDPR prides themselves on their mature dark fantasy RPGs. These screenshots certainly sell that point.

Looking at the screenshots, I’ve determined another chapter of Geralt’s story. How have I done this? I have a hunch. This is the kind of quality journalism you can expect from Isaac Perry.

Click on the photos below to see them in all their glory.


In the first photo, ignore the bodies strewn about Geralt. The important detail is the signpost on the right. The curious symbol might relate to the antagonist of the first game, The Order of The Flaming Rose.


You might see this image and think, “There are two hooded figures wielding axes beating up a poor defenseless man.” Wrong. Look around the image. What do you see? NOT lumber, that’s what. They’re clearly helping this man up before they gather wood. Obviously, the blood-like substance is, uh, jam.


Another clear example of misdirection. The figures in the distance are clearly not responsible for the fire in the nearby village. They’re the fire brigade. Why else would the leader be pointing at the frozen lake like that?

[Source: IncGamers via CDPR’s Forums]

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