TCL Corp To Release A New Console This Year

China lifted its home console ban earlier this month. If the ban remains lifted, some of the industry’s bigwigs could have a whole new market for their video games. It would certainly be a financial risk. For now, it appears the Chinese television company TCL Corp is taking the first tentative steps and will be releasing a new console this year.

The new console will be similar to the Xbox. According to ChinaDaily (via Kotaku), TCL didn’t specify whether it would be similar to the Xbox One or a past generation of the system.

Obviously, the current console leaders (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) are in a position to gain the most with the now open market in China. The companies are also in a position to lose a lot of money, if the ban fell for a second time. It might pay to be cautious and see how TCL corp fairs with its new console.

[Source: Kotaku via ChinaDaily]

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